Bridging Dreams
with Digital Minds

Reclaim your time with AI. Our app is designed to accelerate your workflow and free up time for innovative thinking. Watch routine tasks shrink from minutes to seconds.

Chat-Powered Task Management

Elevate your workflows with AI-driven chats that turn talk into tasks. Design, automate, and innovate in a chat – where every message moves mountains.

Custom AI Agents

Create your custom AI sidekick in moments. Name your agent, set its roles, and tailor its responses to fit your work style. It’s not just about doing tasks but doing them with a personal touch that reflects your unique approach. Your commands are executed with precision, mirroring your approach to productivity. With Agent Creation, experience a blend of personalization and efficiency that feels distinctly you.

Choose Your Assistant's Core

Whether you're engaging in everyday banter with our Default ChatGPT, delving deeper with RAG Chat's data-enriched conversations, or commanding tasks through the personalized Agent Chat, each interaction is streamlined for efficiency. Experience the adaptability of AI with a tailored chat assistant that resonates with your workflow's rhythm.

Equip with Tools, Command with Chat

Equip your agents with an arsenal of tools from a wide array of 3rd party integrations to tackle tasks, from simple commands to complex automations. Engage with your AI through a chat interface that feels as natural as conversation, yet as powerful as a suite of productivity applications.

Retrieve, Respond, and Revolutionize

Each agent boasts a retrieval tool, transforming the way you interact with information. Command your digital companion to sift through data, providing insights and actions directly within your chat.

Automation via Conversation

Prompt Engineers doesn't just make it possible—it makes it simple. Tailor your agent, harness an array of tools, and converse your way to efficiency. Step into the future of productivity, where your words are the wands that wield wonders.

The Right Plan for

Your Business

Choose the perfect fit for your business from our range of plans. Start for free with our Freemium Plan, ideal for getting started. As your needs grow, easily upgrade to our Basic or Premium for enhanced features and capacity. For comprehensive demands, our Enterprise Plan offers extensive support and scalability. Elevate your business communication effortlessly with a plan tailored to your needs.


  • 100 Free Messages (GPT-3.5 Turbo)
  • 5 Custom Agents - Unlimited Beta
  • 5 Indexes - Unlimited Beta

$0.00 / month


  • 500 Messages
  • 10 Custom Agents - Unlimited Beta
  • 10 Indexes - Unlimited Beta

$4.99 / month


  • 2000 Messages
  • 20 Custom Agents - Unlimited Beta
  • 20 Indexes - Unlimited Beta

$9.99 / month

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Mark your calendar for Thursday, Feb 22nd for an evening dedicated to cutting-edge technology and networking 🚀. Dive into interactive coding sessions focusing on Langchain Agen...

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